If you wish to contact the artist or communicate over anything heres the relevent information to make contact.

E-mail Address

Not really anything special here, you email me and I'll hopefully get it. Open to all kinds of email, so don't be shy to contact me or feel your waisting my time. Spam does heavily hit this account and so I can't for certain say that it will get to me past the spam filter - but don't let it put you off.

Email iconemail@releasedreactions.com

Chat Messangers

If you have any of the chat messagers and can type an ok ammount of english, please contact me. I also use Skype, but this is reserved for very special situations - feel free to ask though if your after me on a commission or something like that.

ICQ # -

Yahoo! Mesanger -
MSN Messanger Handle - sius@sius.netherweb.com AIM Messanger -

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